And this year, from the opening Ceremony to end of exhibition dedicated to communication,  synergy of two leaders, Telefonija Ltd. (Telefonija d.o.o.) in area of communication and Healthy Water ltd. (Zdrava VODA d.o.o.)  in area of water cooler and water distribution, was evident. Thank to the new marketing approach, both companies have great success and on Telfor 2005.


"Baby formula" lunched by Healthy Water Ltd. (Zdrava VODA d.o.o.) celebrate its second successful accession on Telfor enriched with new quality services, new water cooler models, showing new possibilities for advertising messages.


Healthy Water Ltd. personal bottle with special personalized label design was absolute hit on manifestation.


"Add a healthy water to grow business" was a motto for Healthy Water Ltd Telfor 2005 accession, fully compatible with a most growing communication area in Serbia and Montenegro.



Telfor 2005, gala and successfull

Telefonija AD, 51 year of work in communication area

Every time ready for use

Technologies synergy

Great news allways proced disscussions...

Wired or wire less, but always speedy, reliable, communications fluid like water...

Add healthy water...

Special designed label and personal bottle

Sinergy to grow a business

For any something to see,

A to bring

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