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Baby formula in action


For 2004&2005 year Healthy Water Ltd. have new business plans, improved new organization and also January 2005 was very successful month according to the its results. New sales campaigns and sponsorships started in February will preserve and improve January trends. The baby formula basic idea: to be permanent on market, to bee well know and to give even more quality are implemented as follow...


Healthy Water Ltd. take part on SEEMAR 05

Researchers' marketing meeting of South East Europe in year 2005, SEEMAR 05, demonstrated an outstanding opportunity for gathering of the researchers and research users, exchange of experiences and business ideas, acquiring new insights and development of the research industry in general. On the basis of experience and specific needs of research industry for permanent communication, Belgrade and The National Association for Marketing Research Development - UUTI have been host of SEEMAR 05, 25-27 May. Healthy Water Ltd. have participate the event offering famous healthy waters, water coolers and its services...

See photo reportage for more details.


Happy Easter


Easter, the famous Christians holiday is coming. The holiday, that start new nature life cycle, time for new activities and enterprises. The human organism is faced with new challenges, the different nutrition, large business activities. The awaken nature, push as to take a long walk, to make excursions, bike cycling, and other form of recreation. Under those conditions it is very important to have enough oxygen and mineral balance, due those facts it is preferable that Your personal bottle with healthy water of Healthy Water Ltd. is always with You...



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April in Belgrade - New Belgrade "Walk"

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April in Belgrade is a old famous song very popular for all age New Belgrade citizen. Current year the spring in new Belgrade start with big flood, that change the famous Sava bank to Venetian landscape. Against the flood challenge the citizen of New Belgrade blocks trough Healthy Water Ltd. sponsorship have a successful recreation time.

See photo reportage for more details.



Balkan Net announce - The summer 2005 refreshment


 The winter is still in action and we waiting for official begin of Spring, but the  TV Pink Balkan Net broadcast charming speakers announce first Summer 2005 event, Balkan Net summer 2005 refreshment, healthy waters of Healthy Water Ltd. Broadcast connect all Balkan countries and on authentically way explain cultural and social events in region, a special guests and unconventional dialogs give mostly popular position to it. In 19/20 Mart broadcast, Healthy Water Ltd. prepare for speakers, guests and TV spectators very original surprise, a healthy water personal bottle with specially designed labels and for 3 spectators water coolers and famous healthy water for 3 month free of charge usage.

The guests accepted very well personal bottle, promising to its fans, the same refreshment on concerts that they plans in future, with special label on bottle like remember on a event.

The Healthy Water LTD. joint to good vibrations that spent the Balkan Net broadcast in Balkan region, adding its healthy waters for healthy refreshments and good feeling and taste.


Some picture taken from broadcast to have idea about the atmosphere:

Temperamental and spiritual speakers,  unconventional dialogs, and healthy waters, give a special charm to the broadcast...

The Balkan Net guests like Massimo, Luna, Ceda have lot of things to say and sing well in Balkan region. Good vibration produced in show are recognized and over the region borders around the Europe.

The Balkan Net orchestra have lot of action in show, its specialty are good feeling and music...

For more detail about advertising potential of Healthy Water Ltd. products for Yours usage see the gallery!


Miss of most Beautifully and Healthy smile

Healthy Water Ltd. is General Sponsor of Healthy Life magazine competition for Most Beautifully and Healthy Smile. The value prize are prepared for a Miss winner and voters. Magazine readers and Healthy Water Ltd. WEB site visitors have a unique opportunity to vote using or magazine ticket or sending a email to Healthy Water Ltd. Read the magazine learning more about healthy life, drink Your favorite healthy water, surf on WEB, Beautifully and Healthy smiles wait for You and win value prize...

Vote for the most Beautifully and Healthy Smile sending a email containing a Candidate number!


Candidate no. 1

Candidate no. 2

Candidate no. 3

Candidate no. 4

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Candidate no. 9

Candidate no. 10

Vote for the most Beautifully and Healthy smile sending a email containing a Candidate number!


Healthy Water Ltd. - in  TV Pink broadcast Balkan Net!

Healthy waters and watercoolers with special designed construction for advertising of Healthy Water Ltd will permanently take a part in famous TV Pink broadcast Balkan net. Use opportunity to see on Your favorite TV and last news about possibilities and value of healthy waters and watercoolers.


For more detail about advertising potential of Healthy Water Ltd. products for Yours usage see the gallery!


"Premiere Water" - just folow the sign!

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Sava Centar


To be continued!


   Theatre "Sava Center" in Belgrade and "Arena" in Novi sad are decorated with special shields after promotion of Healthy WATER Ltd. (Zdrava VODA d.o.o.)"Premiere WATER"!. Just follow the sign on shields when YOU go in theatre on the premiere projection, in one minute You will find Your target, a bar with your favorite healthy water. In near future all theatre for movie projection in Serbia and Montenegro  will have the same decoration. Enjoy again in well know taste of healthy water on new premiere projections.

"Baby Show" - photo reportage from first "Super Baby" competition in Serbia and Momtenegro!



It is happen, like we have promise and announce, a Baby Show  see exclusive photo reportage to remember You on event, or to show You event atmosphere,  joint us on next future Healthy WATER Ltd. action.

See photo reportage for more details.

Premiere Water

Zdrava VO2DA is continuously present on premiere of famous movie in Serbia and Montenegro. Event visitor simply ask "One bottle of premiere water..." and feeling during movie projection is complete. We are traditionally ready to supply You with famous taste and healthy on the current and any next premiere.


See label gallery for more details.

"Baby Show"


"Baby Show", a unique manifestation in Serbia and Montenegro is fully supported by Healthy WATER Ltd. (Zdrava VODA d.o.o.). The Personal bottle of famous healthy water brand - Zdrava VOD2A with baby competitor picture will be nice memory for visitors, parents and of course for babies when grow up.


We do not know at the moment what one baby will be champion of beauty in Serbia and Montenegro, but we are sure that it will be together with Zdrava VO2DA personal bottle on throne - we wish to all of them health and happiness.





Take a part on the "Baby show", and enjoy in baby play and happiness of the youth  citizen of Serbia and Montenegro.


Success stories

Immediately after first premiere in Sava Centre Belgrade, Healthy Water Ltd. have success in Vojvodina, making a special agreement with Zvezda film, the "Baby formula" start to be a new star, on Serbia and Montenegro sky of movie production and distribution  .





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One more movie mega hit and Your encounter with premiere water Zdrava VO2DA". Enjoy and  take a rest consuming Your favorite healthy water. The premiere success stories continue...

See label gallery for more details.
Zdrava VODA d.o.o. and JAZAS youth organization  against AIDS

Healthy Water Ltd. (Zdrava VODA d.o.o) take part in special jubilee of JAZAS youth organization, on first December 2004, 10 years in prevention against AIDS, creating dedicated label for its famous brand healthy water Zdrava VO2DA.

See label gallery for more details.
Healthy WATER Ltd. (Zdava VODA d.o.o. ) New Year ecology action

New Year action give possibility to rent Christmas tree in period

 15.12.2004 to 15.01.2005.


The service include, tree transportation, installation and take back after holidays.

Tree have his own flowerpot.


Enjoy in holidays we will take care about tree.


Join to New Year big ecology action, save Your own tree.


For more detail call +381 (0) 11 318 76 63 or send us  e-mail.

Healthy WATER Ltd. (Zdrava VODA d.o.o.) and the greatest movie mega hits

Take a part on premiere of world famous movie hits in Sava Center theater and theaters in Serbia, enjoying in acting of Yours favorite actors and in taste of Your beloved water during movie projection.

See label gallery for more details.

Healthy WATER Ltd. (Zdrava VODA d.o.o.) on Telfor 2004


 From the opening Ceremony to end of exhibition dedicated to communication,  synergy of two leaders, Telefonija Ltd. (Telefonija d.o.o.) in area of communication and Healthy Water ltd. (Zdrava VODA d.o.o.)  in area of watercooler and water distribution, was evident. Thank to the new "Baby formula" marketing approach, both companies have great success on Telfor 2004.

See photo reportage for more details.




Baby formula


New technology ASO®, creativity and imagination of Healthy Water Ltd. (Zdrava Voda d.o.o.) marketing team, launched new formula in market approach, with good result on early begin and in line of continuous company strategy " to be one step before any other".


 What new formula means in reality:?


First, high quality healthy water enriched with oxygen and third generation of minerals, extra ordinary pure, suitable for any age consumers including a babies. The oxygen implementation is well accepted by consumer organism and those healthy water characteristics give proper result that fit to different category of consumer, during every day consuming but also in situation of hard work, sport activities and under stress conditions.



The healthy water packing modality give lot of combination and extreme adaptability like "Lego cubes (the popular children toy)", from a personal bottle, trough family package to different kind of watercooler bottles!  All of packages are well designed for a concrete usage, produced carefully according to the standards, contain the best quality materials and are able to keep the healthy water pure, with original taste and usable for a long period of time. Depend of environments conditions, Yours habits, Yours Healthy Water will be always  with You!


Imagination and creativity of Healthy Water Ltd. marketing team, compose on Serbia and Montenegro and foreign markets during its promotions and sales campaigns synergy of different brands and give unique opportunity in frame of "Baby formula" for a attractive company promotion, personal attitude presentation,  business, social, cultural or sport event announcement, also to present a attractive souvenir to business partners, friends, family members, beloved persons - a health in a bottle!


Watercooler in real life start to be a place, where people come permanently, on some places 24 hours daily to drink healthy water, instant drinks and take conversation according to the ambient comfort and peoples free time...


Healthy Water Ltd. watercoolers are already equipped and installed on places suitable to send important messages to consumers. One more opportunity for a synergy, use it, and put Your important message on watercoolers.


Baby formula also means continuous integration of Healthy water Ltd. previous experience in distribution and maintenance services providing, on the same way like any baby have a genetic code of its parents and possibility to  accumulate fast its own positive experience.


Use opportunity to walk trough a gallery of first "Baby formula" successful implementation cases and follow in future its grow on dedicated WEB presentation pages.


We are sure that some of them are useful also for You, You can bring to us  some new idea, and we are ready to realize it together with You. Using our synergy we are more powerful.




Continuation of successful collaboration


In frame to approach new long term projects in Serbia and Monte Negro and 11 so called Eastern Europe countries, Zdrava Voda d.o.o. provide a continuation of exclusive distribution right for ASO® Activated Oxygen technology from its US partner BIO2 International Inc. ASO® Activated Oxygen technology is last stage of development in active oxygen implementation in water business. The product based on those technology are tested under strong  conditions typical for American's market and regulations. The technology give very positive results in massive usage by athletes and people working in hard environment and under stress situations. Implementation of last stage  ASO® Activated Oxygen technology in Zdrava Voda d.o.o. healthy waters brands, give new benefits for consumers on all market under exclusive distribution agreement.


The BIO2 International Inc. letter about Zdrava Voda d.o.o. exclusive distribution right.



Zdrava Voda, personal bottle!


Autumn with plenty of fruits and unstable wetter put new challenges for human body that prepare for winter period. The healthily waters of company Zdrave Vode d.o.o. help us to preserve vitality and full tempo of activities during future period. Long stage in closed space reduce oxygen consummation! Different kind of nutrition will be caused by miss of fresh food! The need for hot drinks will be also permanent way to stop some infections...Healthy waters pollution free enriched with third generation of minerals and with added value of oxygen give us opportunity to have healthy feeling and active life during autumn and winter period. Zdrava Voda d.o.o. offer exclusive product, unique on market, to have your personal bottle of healthily water always with you.


In autumn for sport events we use covered stadiums, sportsmen spent more and more time in closed space training and competition under heavy conditions. Choice of food and drink must be carefully done and programmed during the sports activities. Only high quality products with healthy effect on health and sportsmen performance are accepted. And, on first premiere of new healthy water during ISU Junior Grand Prix, Belgrade, 23-26 September, organization, coaches and competitors are very well accepted new product.


Healthy water quality, and company activities and services during the event open a long time cooperation with Serbia and Montenegro Skating Association and the contract for exclusive marketing activities on International competition in Belgrade.

Specially Zdrava Voda d.o.o. also promote new approach in using the bottle like new media for marketing messages! Under motto :" Find your self in SCG", on special ceremony Zdrava Voda d.o.o. give to competitors, future champions personal bottle with healthy water enriched with oxygen adequate for his needs, labeled with competitors photo and logo of event, little sparrow, like souvenir to remember on days spent in Belgrade.


See the photo reportage from personal bottle announcement ceremony on ISU Junior Grand Prix, Belgrade.



Be cool!


Traditionally every summer company Zdrava Voda d.o.o. in cooperation with partners prepare plenty of actions and events, giving to Belgrade citizens refreshments and enjoying moments.




Starting from 1 August, traditionally in passage Obilicev Venac,  Zdrava Voda d.o.o. (Healthy Water company), establish its promotion point...

On promotion point Healthy Water company promoters explain any detail about new product, ergonomic bottles and new opportunities of Healthy Waters brands.

There, You can also enjoy in the different kind of healthy waters in summer garden of Red Star caffe.

See photo reportage from the place...



 In summer 2004 company offer new forms and synergy of famous partners, starting with massive and comprehensive promotions and competitions with bonus prize. Some of the events are:

Kliknite za uvid u izgled časopisa Kliknite za uvid u izgled oglasa  


Blic refreshment -

Blic newspaper reader competition!


Special prize for magazine Modul readers


Special  bonus for a club members



The expected result of common effort of Zdrava Voda d.o.o. and the leading daily newspaper, the famous architecture experts magazine, and well-known Internet dating site, will be over 6000 new watercooler in refreshment service for a happy winners! 

Read Your favorite daily newspaper, find out the most popular article in architecture and building industry, surf trough the most popular on line dating location and enjoy in the quality and healthy water-products of Serbia, the Zdrava Voda d.o.o. company products.


For adult Belgrade citizens that are no able to visit Zdrava Voda office we give special opportunity to take a part in Blic newspaper competition! Starting from 1 August you can submit the competition ticket on Zdrava Voda d.o.o. promotion point in Obilicev Venac passage (Knez Mihajlova street). Also you can send us electronic mail with attached scanned daily published competition ticket or with special Joker ticket show on picture below.



Send to our marketing office a e-mail with the following information:

name and surname, ID card number and place of issue, Belgrade residence address. Please attach to the e-mail scanned Blic newspaper daily competition ticket or the Joker ticket using the following address:




Bee cool and healthy during the summer.


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