Healthy Water to Belgrade




 Belgrade, the city on two rivers, at crossing of many roads, the joint of many cultures, the city of complex architecture that combines the old and the new, tempestuous history and centuries-long tradition with new achievements and modern way of life.


 In the summer time, when many cities of the world turn quiet, and their citizens head for resorts far away, Belgrade offers itís hospitality through a great number of events in unique urban spaces, first of all in itís famous open-air restaurants.


 Healthy Water Co. plays the important role in those events through various forms of sponsorships, charity actions and presentations. The quality and medical value of waters, as well as robust, high-quality and easy adjustable to environmental demands water-cooler appliances, expertness and creativeness of all employees, provide good mood and refreshment to all event visitors.


 Being permanently present in place and ready to provide useful information to visitors, demonstration of water-cooler efficiency and degustation of itís waters, Healthy Water Co. is the synonym for interactive friendship with citizens of Belgrade.


  Fairs and fair exibitions are also the part of Healthy Water Co. presentation to the market. Those are one opportunity more to show the quality of products and services, confirm old and make new contacts. Taking part in the fair exibition is very important for learning about customersí wishes, make business deals Ö Healthy Water Co. has a role more: itís presence, efficient service and excellent logistics provide adequate conditions in exibition places for consumption of healthy waters both for visitors and exibitors.


 To memory of many moments we have spent together, Healthy Water Co. presents the little album with photographs of summer events and other activities in progress, thus keeping on being close with Belgrade and itís citizens.


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