The Company strength as well as it’s position on the market can be measured through the number of clients and their satisfaction with the quality of products and services. The Healthy Water Ltd. by both criteria can be considered as successful, for the size, structure and importance of the customers base, but also for the customers’ opinion about the quality of products and service.


Our clients are very specific, considering their different individual requests, as well as harsh demands of business companies, athletic clubs, public services etc.


We take part on plenty of cultural, sports and social events giving our best like sponsor and provider of quality services and our famous healthy waters of unique taste.


Thanks letter of Republic Serbia Health Ministry to Healthy Water Ltd. for its effort given to success of World Heart Day event in Belgrade, the last one of the similar important thanks letters...

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We’ll show just the part of our customers base, in order to prove the above mentioned:



  Athletic clubs and single sportsmen, who have given us many moments of joy and happiness by reaching champion titles, are consumers of healthy waters, such as LEDDA, Zdrava VO2DA and Dr JORGA:


Swimming Federation of Belgrade

Serbia and Montenegro Skating Association

Basketball club “Partizan”



Water polo club “Red Star”

Basketball association of Serbia and Montenegro

Waterpolo association of Serbia and Montenegro


Commission for beach volley  


Rowing association of Yugoslavia



  Considerable part of our lives is spent in our working places, where we perform either intelectual or physical labour. In such working conditions, the need for minerals, and especially for oxygen, is considerable. The more and more business and economy companies choose the use of watercooler appliances with healthy waters, and thus satisfy needs of the employees and visitors concerning the quality of water, and also rises the efficiency in working and motivations of consumers. Healthy WATER Co. pays special attention to giving quality and non-stop services in this part of the customers base.


mmm Horeca customers

Srbijaput system


  The assortment of products and services, as well as the quality in fulfilling the obligations taken by the Healthy WATER Co. make the number of clients from the public institutions increase rapidly. This particular group of clients (consisted of hospitals, schools, post offices, banks, bus and train stations, airports, …) provides consumation of healthy waters to their own clients, what makes clients satisfied in crowded environment, filled with stress situations, and also raises working abilities of the employees.



  The number of possible individual consumers is practicaly unlinmited. By that term we understand the part of customers’ base which has decided to consume our healthy waters, wherever they might be. Healthy WATER Co. makes huge efforts to satisfy the needs of this part, no matter how specific or personalized they could be.


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