World Heart Day held in Belgrade island Ada Ciganlija on 25.09.2005, was evidently very exceptional event that show once again traditional Belgrade citizen behavior to spent time together and take active part in humanitarian oriented actions. The following photo gallery illustrate the part of event charm.


Early moring on island Ada Ciganlija, 25 septembar

Before beginning, central event point

Detail with Healthy Water Ltd. decoration

Every time ready for service

The health show start

Welcome to healthy island

Important advices

Plenty of useful things

To be vital

A now inspection

Never forget the heart

Health, charm and usefull advice

Beauty for any heart

For healthy heart, event sponsor

Trough healthy food to health

With healthy waters of Healthy Water Ltd. also

Sport and helth champions

The bottled health, must be tested

The love on first taste

The future health champions

Thanks to the healthy water I am...

Take easy it is enough of healthy water

The Royal souvenir to drink, the very interest idea. Healthy Water ltd. personal bottle with special label dedicated to the event

Belgrade citizen on event

Photo for remeber on successfull show


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