(Information chronically ordered: current year backward to August 2005)

Baby formula in action


For current year Healthy Water Ltd. have new business plans, improved new organization and also January was very successful month according to the its results. New sales campaigns and sponsorships started in Mart will preserve and improve January trends. The baby formula basic idea: to be permanent on market, to bee well know and to give even more quality are implemented as follow...



The remarkable appraisal for European Table Tennis Championship organizers

  Belgrade Mart/April 2007

 Unique appraisal was made by visitors, sportsmen and officials that year to date European Table Tennis Championships (BETT07) was very successful sport event. Belgrade and its unique charm, magnificent sport hale, motivated competitors, full quality and combative table tennis, devoted and efficient organizers have contributed to the positive appraisal confirmed also during European Table Tennis Union Congress in Belgrade

Serbian-Lithuanian duo Aleksandar Karakašević and Ruta Paskauskiene had won a gold medal for the third time successively in the „mixed doubles“ category on European Table Tennis Championship in Belgrade


  Healthy WATER MEDIA Ltd. responsible for championships marketing activities was perfectly satisfy organizers expectations. Excepting service quality, healthy waters and tradition sport events hit-personal bottle, Healthy WATER MEDIA Ltd., enable some special experience for championship visitors and actors.  Exposition of caricature based on table tennis was establish new standard for championship tracking manifestations. Personal bottle with special label containing sportsman and organizer pictures was often used like unique identification card because owners always keep it with itself and  esthetic designed carried most popular table tennis caricatures was absolute hits of championship.

  Healthy WATER MEDIA Ltd. use opportunity to congratulate on sport success to all sportsmen an specially to medal winners, to give thanks to  Organization Committee of European Championships 2007 in Table Tennis for confidence and promise to visitors of future sport events availability of approved healthy waters and new plenty pretty surprises.

Business collaboration contract, Healthy WATER MEDIA Ltd and European Table Tennis Organization Committee, January 2007

 Belgrade city will host one more European Championships, this time in table tennis. The great recognition to preceding good result of Serbian table tennis, many times approved organizations capacity of Serbia sport associations and traditional Belgrade city hospitality and openness.  Healthy WATER MEDIA Ltd. will play significant role on the event like on previous championships and important events in Belgrade. For this once in addition to approved quality of services in fresh healthy water distribution, Healthy WATER MEDIA Ltd. will be holder of championships marketing activities. Contract signed on 25.01.2007 with Organization Committee of European Championships 2007 in Table Tennis, is the great recognition to marketing potential of Healthy WATER MEDIA Ltd., but also a continuation of good marketing results  on events that mark out year 2006, like:

40 th jubilee BITEF, Vienna Mozart Music Film Festival in Central Europe,  Volleyball World league final round...


 We wish to our sportsmen full success and plenty of medals, well done job to Organization Committee, full enjoy to visitors, and Healthy Water MEDIA Ltd. to keep and upgrade  prestige from previous sport events.

 See you on important championships for European sport and our Belgrade together with quality services, fresh healthy waters and marketing capabilities of Healthy Water Ltd., from 25. March to 1. April.

 To sportsmen and officials from 25 European countries we wish nice and convenient stay in Belgrade, plenty of sport success and friendships to remember ....

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Business collaboration contract, Healthy WATER MEDIA Ltd and Srbijaput d.o.o, January 2007

  Early begin of new business year was very successful for marketing team of Healthy WATER MEDIA Ltd. Large customer base was upgraded with new very important reference, reputable company Srbijaput d.o.o. Contract signed on 22 January 2007  is important because it bring new quality relations with large corporations and open new features in business collaboration including reselling and distribution rights in side of 25 members of Serbijaput System.  Contract cover both water coolers and healthy mineral waters in 18.9l package. Contract give lot of benefits to large enterprises, corporations and business groups according to accumulated Healthy WATER Ltd experience in area of supplying quality product and services to most bigger business systems in Serbia. Basic estimations suggest that during the contract implementation new 1000 water coolers will be installed, this fact and quality of Healthy Water Ltd. services and healthy waters will result in significant improvement of work process efficiency in Srbijaput system.  

See the Srbijaput system members list

 Brand Certificate

 registry number 51475

 What define today market phenomena called brand? First at all, a fact, that product or service is well accepted on market, easy cognizable and certified by authorized institution. Like most popular market brands and Healthy WATER Ltd was in position of misuse its name, trademark, logo. Due this Healthy WATER remember kindly that is four years owner of trade mark Zdrava VODA (Healthy WATER) according to  Brand Certificate, registry number 51475..

Brand Certificate,  registry number 51475

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Distribution right protection alert, December 2006

Most industrial analyst agree that moment when market accept quality, tradition and popularity of product and its outgrow to well known and recognized brand, is followed by appearance of illegal copies...

  Healthy Water Ltd. after very successful business year encounter this phenomena, a attempt of manufacture and illegal  distribution of its healthy waters. About this event,  its foreign partner BIO2 INTERNATIONAL INC produce special statement and trough a assigned letter accent again exclusive distribution right of Healthy Water Ltd.

 We ask very mannerly our honorable consumers that any potential suspicious about authenticity of delivered healthy waters or quality of services reconsider calling telephone number 011 318 76 63 or sending e-mail message using zdravavoda@hotmail.com


BIO2 INTERNATIONAL INC. letter translation

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Publication Business&Finance, BUSINESS TOP 2005, November 2006

Reading trough a new Business&Finance publication BUSINESS TOP 2005, who contains plenty of data and articles in relations with current business flow and leading companies in Serbia, management team of Healthy WATER Ltd. have good reasons to be satisfied. Healthy Water Ltd have its own place in successful companies club.


Despite fact that early begin of water cooler business in Serbia due  present delusion and cliché about water potentials, was hard job like to sell refrigerator to Eskimos, the Healthy WATER Ltd. management team vision was right, the need for a healthy waters and new life culture was impossible without a water coolers...



Build its own successful business politic based on proved partners and leading technologies, quality services and high level efficiency, Healthy WATER Ltd. set up strong customers base. Under different marketing programs, Healthy WATER Ltd. take adequate care also to large accounts, small business, home and individual consumers,

Plenty of culture, sports, business and humanitarian events are sponsored by Healthy WATER's Ltd. quality services, healthy waters and well prepared marketing actions.

Inside its business area Healthy WATER Ltd. is recognized due many of innovations. First oxygen bar in Belgrade, healthy waters enriched with oxygen are some of road signs in water business market.

Healthy WATER Ltd. recognize importance and water potential for usual life, giving its consumer not only healthy waters, real refreshment and rich taste and new life culture, but also and unique way of advertising. "Personal bottle", "Advertising to take with", multi media water cooler, are some of the right protected Healthy WATER Ltd. patents, developed together with eminent partners, scientist and science institutes.

Together with small business contractors trough special programs Healthy WATER Ltd. develop wide distribution and partners network around the Serbia giving its own contribution to social progress.

The multimedia CD ROM included in publication package, show on very attractive way one new dimension of Healthy WATER Ltd business politics, the permanent education about importance of healthy waters for human population of all ages.


The Healthy WATER Ltd. motto "Add Healthy Water to grow business" is fully adequate because of importance and publication contents...


New aromatized healthy waters, AROMA Zdrava VO2DA promotion, October 2006

  Healthy Water LTD continue with its successful promotion of AROMA Zdrava VO2DA aromatized healthy waters, packaged in traditional colors and exclusive Jubilee 40th BITEF design, on plenty billboards in Belgrade. Use contact telephone number from billboards (011 318 76 63) for more information. Feel  BITEF spirit and enjoy in approved and healthy refreshment. Tray taste that never live you  impassive and healthy waters that will refresh you...



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 40 th jubilee BITEF (Belgrade International Theater Festival), 15 September 2006, Opening ceremony

  40 th Jubilee Belgrade International Theater Festival fulfill all expectations. In September 2006, Belgrade was theater world capital.  Body movement, dance, acting, are around the Belgrade streets and city squares.  The event start with pleasant actors procession by smile attractive city trains decorated according to the Healthy Water MEDIA LTD design. Traditionally, the Healthy Water LTD. healthy waters was present, but now with plenty of different flavors. Healthy Water LTD acquit again the title "Official refreshment"....

Two most popular healthy waters flavors on BITEF 2006, "Menthol" and " Blue Curacao", from now on also for all consumer...

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Healthy Water Ltd. will take part on 40 th jubilee BITEF (Belgrade International Theater Festival), September 2006

For sure if You visit Belgrade or live there you have experiencing in reality the phrase "Belgrade have a soul". The Belgrade International Theater Festival is already 40 years part of the Belgrade magic. The trends in Theater art are changed, from classic,  trough vanguard to true experimental. Belgrade streets, squares and buildings are unique stage of world biggest theatre holidays. To take part on the event is biggest acknowledgment, not only for artist, directors and theater staff but also for other people that  organize, produce and prepare services and will give important effort also in September this year, enabling BITEF to be as always traditionally good and brand new till next year...

  Healthy Water Ltd is official refresh off current year jubilee BITEF, new motive to show efficiency of its well know services but also opportunity to announce first time in publicity new aromatized healthy waters. Healthy waters with delicate taste of menthol, water melon, melon, almond, orange crust...

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Aromatized healthy waters in appropriate personal bottle Souvenir bottle with Zdrava VO2DA, oxygen enriched healthy water

Healthy Water MEDIA, will organize and give full logistic to the artist defile on Belgrade streets during current BITEF opening ceremony, under motto " For one more ticket", Zdrava VODA MEDIA, thanks to BITEF Organization Committee on great honor and confidence in area of  promotions and marketing.

  See You on BITEF in September in Belgrade. We, our healthy waters and services are easy recognized, we are simply a part of BITEF atmosphere and its events, and we are well prepared to service You.

12 Years jubilee of successful development and implementation  BIO2 International INC. technologies, 10 August 2006

Healthy Water Ltd. exclusive owner of distribution right and leader in ASO® technology appliance in former Yugoslavia and 11 ex Eastern Europe countries , was honored with special jubilee acknowledgment for continues effort and results, by its US partner BIO2 International INC.


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The original jubilee acknowledgment of BIO2 International INC.

Vienna Mozart Music Film Festival in Central Europe

Belgrade, 05.08 - 12.08. 2006, Place Republic


Europe and world celebrate 250 year born anniversary of music genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.   BELEF (Belgrade Summer Festival) line out the grand jubilee with exclusive film program.  City Vienna donate Belgrade film festival celebration, with imposing choice of filmed musical interpretations of Mozart operas, orchestra acts and concerts performed by most world famous music actors. Festival give chance for Mozart music adorers to enjoy in his masterpiece in urbane ambient consuming well food and fresh drinks, before, during and after music performance.  For festival visitor was prepared valuable prices like week for two persons in Vienna...

Healthy Water Ltd. and its service teams donated event visitors with additional pleasure, unlimited amount of healthy water supplied by "orchestra" of many water coolers.

Yumama.com logo

World Nurse eek dojenja,

6 August 2006, Belgrade, Kalemegdan hill

Children are ornament of the world, say the popular song. But today life still, pollution in environment, contaminated food and water, parents under stress are to big challenge for the youngest generation.  Loss of baby immunity can have a long term negative effect in future life.  Nurse in combination with healthy water is the right answer, agreed with it medicals experts.

  Healthy Water Ltd. was sponsor of World Nurse Week in Belgrade, held 6 August 2006, organized by magazine Mom and Parents Association on most beautiful plateau of Kalemegdan hill ahead art pavilion Cveta Zuzoric. Personal bottle with healthy water was absolute manifestation hit, according parents opinions and positive babies reactions...


21 Congress and cosmetic fair ,

Inter Continental hotel complex

Belgrade, 13 and 14 May 2006 


Beatty and Health was motto of Healthy Water LTD advent on 21 Congress and cosmetic fair. Long term business relation with "Health Life" magazine continue, due fact that Healthy Water LTD support the manifestation with water coolers, healthy waters and quality service...

Second pharmacy fair FARMEKSPO,

Belgrade, 11 and 12 May 2006 

Successful Healthy Water LTD advent on pharmacy fair FARMEKSPO 2006 and concomitant events, held in Belgrade on 11 and 12 May. Business relation between Belgrade Drug Store Agency (Apotekarska Ustanova Beograd) established two years early, will be upgraded with all of Drug Sore Agencies in Serbia, next implementation is planed in town Nis...



Healthy WATER Ltd. together with its large customers, a leading producers and service providers successful take part on plenty of events, that start to be traditional and well know in SCG and in region of Southeastern Europe. The same approach was implemented on 1 st SOUTHEASTERN EUROPE BROADBAND 2006 CONFERENCE & EXPO in April current year. Healthy waters, water coolers, service quality and Healthy WATER Ltd. team efficiency give full effort to event success...

"About water, oxygen and health" also in new April cycle of 3 channel RTS Brunch program...
Successful Health water Ltd. advent in Brunch program during the Mart and big audience concern about healthy water theme was the main reason to continue with future Healthy Water Ltd engagement in April.

Dr. Prof. Jorga,  well know international expert, sport, and Healthy Water Ltd. consultant practitioner give impressive personal effort in first April broadcast of Brunch program.  His Inspiration explanations and eloquent answers on speaker questions give right focus on oxygen and water enriched with oxygen in real life, for sportsman and during recreation. Thanks to exclusive right in 11 countries for distribution of ASO® Activated Oxygen technology of US company BIO2 International Inc., Healthy Water start to supply consumers on SCG market with oxygen enriched waters before those opportunity was implemented in most industrial countries in Europe....

See the photo reportage


See screen show about "Water, oxygen and health"
   PART1                               PART2
Send a letter with answer on the following address:

Zdrava VODA d.o.o

"Za nagradnu igru"

Gandijeva 153/3,

 11070 Novi Beograd


World Water Day, 22.03.2006


22.03.2006 we celebrate the Word Water day. Due this reason during the Mart Healthy Water Ltd. take plenty of promotional and educational activities. On the right photo Slavoljub Stefanović Healthy Water Ltd. and Ivana Višković the 3-th channel popular Brunch TV program speaker, in front of water coolers dedicated to TV audience.

For more detail see the photo reportage


December 2005, New type of personal bottle promoted


 To met needs of cafe bars, clubs, bars restaurants and hotels new personal bottle and labels design is implemented around already started projects. Except traditionally quality for those kind of package, special attention is given to ergonomic and consumers behavior. In cooperation with industry partners new label print technology are implemented on glass bottle and new technology for paper labels protection on plastic bottle. In coming Christmas and New Year holidays, new bottle and labels design together with famous Healthy Water Ltd. healthy waters quality will be on Your disposal in Your favorite cafe bars, clubs, bars, restaurants, hotels.

Visit the label gallery for more detail

Telfor 2005, two years of successful and remarkable Healthy Water Ltd. accession, 22- 24 November 2005, Belgrade

Area communication is one of the engine of fast industry grow. Communications are important and imperative base to implement information technology, for unlimited exchange of ideas, doctrinal acknowledgement and usual daily information. Telfor is a traditional manifestation in communication area in Serbia and Montenegro and on it is possible to see plenty of realizations in those dynamic and fast growing area, but also exchange the experience and acquire important information about future development trends. 13 Years Telfor successfully practice its mission. Two years Healthy Ware Ltd. is present on manifestation with full success in cooperation with one of most important actor Telefonija A. D. Those fact for Healthy Water Ltd. for sure means successful begin of  long term tradition but also opportunity to proof its business strategy, the level of market acceptance of its products and services.

photo reportage

Koncert Andrea Bocelli-ja u Beogradskoj Areni, 15 novembar 20005...  


Unforgettable evening for all age music venerators  arrange Andrea Bocelli today the greatest tenor and his guests. Full populated Belgrade Arena, motivated performers, program for all taste, stopped a time during the evening. Healthy Water Ltd fit well in event with its refreshing healthy waters  and impeccably support and give its full effort to unique music adventure.

 Personal bottle with specially designed label dedicated to the event was really delicious surprise for famous tenor VIP guests.

Kliknite mišem za uvećanje. Part of Healthy Water Ltd. team that give maximum contribution to the most important music event this year.

The First Direct Marketing Conference, Belgrade 6 and 7 October 2005...

The first direct marketing conference was held in Belgrade on 6 and 7 October was also very important and inspired event and useful experience for SCG marketing actors and businessman. Healthy water Ltd acting like sponsor and service provider give its best effort to prepare best working conditions to  event participants. The famous taste of healthy waters and operations of water coolers are well accepted. The personal bottle with special designed label dedicated to the event and water cooler with special construction for advertising messages  give new marketing potential fitting well in  many presentation contents about direct marketing...

See photo reportage for more details.


World Heart day, 25 September 2005, in Belgrade...

Belgrade have a open heart, are the words of one Serbian song, that illustrate the Belgrade spirit and  charm. The Belgrade and Serbia and Montenegro citizens are but "world champions" of heart diseases! Those fact is alarm to all and reason to give full effort in organization and content of World Heart Day this year in Belgrade with idea to be a continual activity every day of year. On most beautifully Belgrade part, island Ada Ciganlija have take part and contribution the unique healthy event all that take care about citizen health: Serbian Ministry of Health, health institution, private clinics, famous persons, sportsmen, well know persons from culture, politics, embassies and of course Belgrade citizens. Direct contribution and sponsorship to the World Heart day was privilege of Healthy Water Ltd. Its healthy waters, most popular brands, and water coolers give a healthy taste to manifestation. The Healthy Water Ltd personal bottle with special label dedicated to event was absolute hit of manifestation. ...

Plenty of promotion points, containing well designed material, direct experts advices, possibility to have a control of person health status, to learn how to practice fitness, will stay in good memory to all visitor and also most beautiful nature and taste of fresh healthy waters of Healthy Water Ltd... 

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Thanks letter of Republic Serbia Health Ministry to Healthy Water Ltd. for its effort given to success of World Heart Day event in Belgrade, the last one of the similar important thanks letters...


See photo reportage for more details.

First Belgrade softball trophy..

Go Healthy Water!

Waiting on ball


Elegancy and concentration

1 Belgrade trophy in softball was held 25. and 26. Jun 2005. Teams from Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia and Belgrade have take a part. Healthy Water ltd give its best support to the event, the first international competition in women's baseball. AS we know the premiere sport event are not possible to imagine without the healthy waters, but also Healthy Water ltd is well know sponsor of so called "young" sport disciplines, recreation actions and simply a famous friend of all people that like healthy life...


JULL, Healthy Water Ltd. take part to Volleyball World league final round

Healthy waters of Healthy water Ltd. start to be exclusive waters of Sport Cafe, catering service provider on Volleyball World League final round in Belgrade Arena. Big success for SCG volleyball team and perfect organization of the Belgrade sport event. Record of visitors number and countries that receive TV broadcast of event....

See photo reportage for more detail.


June, action "Bee cool"  in full speed...


Healthy Water's Ltd action "Be cool in summer" have new communicMouse click to enlarge!ation form and intensity.

Look in Yours favorite coffee place, restaurant, hotel menu for the well know Healthy Water Ltd logo and You will be nice surprised. Horeca consumers are traditionally very important market segment of Healthy Water Ltd.. Go trough the list of Horeca objects powered by healthy waters.

If Yours favorite place do not have healthy waters of Healthy Water Ltd. call us, we give our best to satisfy You in next visit.

Mouse click to enlarge!Beekeeping is traditionally present in Serbia. Plenty of important persons in Serbia history have dedicate its enthusiasm and effort  to build new food culture based on honey product. Town Cacak and the belonging region are well know Serbia honey producers...

Accepting the Serb tradition formula for long and healthy life: "Every morning one spoon of native honey and glass of clear spring water", Healthy water Ltd. replace with its healthy waters the polluted spring water because it is very difficult to find now around the SCG "clear spring water" and support with sponsorship events like The Cacak Beekeeping Association book edition. ...

As You know sport is the most important "auxiliary" activity on planet earth! Sport events connect together a million of people around the world, we use the most complex technology to record, send and show most important and dramatic details of the game. Young people and sport events are always coupled together. The healthy food and healthy drinks are vital part of professionals, amateurs and recreation activities. Healthy Water Ltd. is sponsor of the summer culture event dedicate to sport and fans. Fans and its behavior and emotions give the unique aroma to any sport event, finally most of the expert in sport take position that sport events are happen only to satisfy the fans!

Exhibition announcement poster- mouse click over picture to enlarge it


Young painter Vesna Todorovic, one belong to group of new coming brave and creative painters, she have on prior exhibitions already show  personal creative still, dedicate next exhibition to football fans. Healthy Water Ltd. support the exhibition with full capacity, hopping that it will be useful to sportsmen and fans...

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Healthy Water Ltd. on SCG roads...

New good looking image of Healthy Water Ltd. distribution vehicles, produce lot of interest on SCG roads.  Healthy Water Ltd. to its customer give more chance to recognize the authentically brands, authorized personals for distribution and service activities. The poster creators of Healthy Water Ltd. supply the observers with usable information and the poster have also unique art design... 

Be cool and enjoy the summer...

The long warm summer start. And, traditionally Healthy Water Ltd. start its summer campaign. After TV station Pink, magazine Healthy Life ("Zdrav Život") joint to the action, giving to its subscribers a unique opportunity during summer to enjoy in taste of famous Healthy Water Ltd's healthy waters.  For more information call the following phone numbers:

 011 27 63 577 or 011 27 64 169.

See magazine announcement for more details


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